101 Random Links

1. To Dye For (I was an extra in it)

2. Marginalia: Little Libraries in the Urban Margins

3. The Reasons for Secession

4. Types of yakuza and their businesses

5. Connecticut Film Industry Training Program video (I was part of this)

6. 507 – Darkness and Cherry Pie: David Lynch’s Map of Twin Peaks

7. The “bloody angle” of Chinatown’s Doyers Street

8. 52nd Street, New York, N.Y., ca. July 1948 (LOC)

9. 5 Questions With . . . Ashraf Rushdy on Lynching in America

10. Down to the Wire Auditions (I was involved with this)

11. Hermione Granger Versus the Methods of Rationality

12. Gotham Center for New York City History

13. On Eve of Landmark Hearing, a Tour of East 10th Street

14. Gyu-Kaku’s Chicken Garlic Noodles Will Satisfy Your Noodle Craving

15. A mystery chapel in a Canal Street subway station

16. You’ve Got Mail: A P.S. Without a Letter

17. The Tragedy of Juliet

18. Vintage Crime Scene Photos Superimposed on Modern NY Streets

19. Dutch New York

20. Historically Speaking: Stowe expressed faith in city’s Buckingham

21. Toasting the Town

22. 8 Must See Spots in the East Village

23. The Great Gatsby is a great novel and 8-bit video game

24. Pangya 6th Anniversary Visual Fanbook Review

25. The Rise of Wall Street at the NY Skyscraper Museum

26. “Easy, Erect, and Noble”

27. Salem Murder Mystery

28. 8 Book Historians, Curators, Specialists, And Librarians Who Are Killing It Online

29. Byzantium and the Crusades

30. Lady Sale and the Buddhas of Bamiyan

31. Lady Sale and the Buddhas of Bamiyan (Part II): Multiple Updates

32. The Hudson River shoreline: 1766 and 2012

33. Tentacular Moscow

34. The Hunter Games: For four wild days, University of Chicago students turn scavengers

35. Nineteen Seventy Three

36. The Demonization of Empress Wu

37. A remnant of “Little Ukraine” in the East Village

38. Islam’s Medieval Underworld

39. Alumni collaborate to create podcast aboard the USS Hephaestus

40. The Catholic Writer Today

41. A Brief History of Confucianism in Korea

A Colonial-era relic outside an uptown mansion

42. A colonial tavern is unearthed on Broad Street

43. Slavery and Capitalism

44. Charles Cushman’s full-color 1940s New York City

45. A Black Spy in the Confederate White House

46. Scouting New York

47. The Chachnama

48. 4 Types of Sake and How to Enjoy Them

The Global Warming Skeptics vs. The Scientific Consensus

49. The very humble beginnings of Union Square

50. The Moscow Times

51. Otaku Hotspots in Tokyo

52. NY Historic House Trust

53. Wassail and Shrub

54. A 10th Street studio brings artists to the Village

55. The Search for a Usable Gordon Wood

56. Grimmer-Solem’s Research Sheds New Light on Celebrated German General

57. PLUTO, a comprehensive land use dataset for New York City

58. 43 Anime Studios: Pics of Their Buildings

59. Nebuchadnezzar’s Destruction of Jerusalem, The Cyrus Cylinder, and the Building of the Second Temple

60. Telepathy is easier than you think

61. Lewis Carroll´s guide to Moscow: just follow the rabbit

62. Brownstoner, Brooklyn inside and out

63. Following Mark Twain’s trail in the Swiss Alps

64. The Burger Lab: How to Make Perfect Thin and Crisp French Fries

65. Russia in Darker Than Black 2

66. Dreaming of Parhae

67. Michael Caine explains the end of Inception

68. Top 20 Best Anti-Joke

69. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You


71. History Camp

72. Reflections on the American War, Karzai, and Orientalism in Afghanistan

73. Did Modern Jews Originate in Italy?

74. 10 Ways to Protect Yourself From NLP Mind Control

75. An Introduction To Basic Japanese Slang

76. 150 Years of Misunderstanding the Civil War

77. Brain Scams: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences

78. Deciphering Shakespeare


80. Attack on Titan: “Why We Fight” For the Otaku Age?

81. Japanese YA – How the Industry Works Overseas (When the T.V. Met the Book – Part 5)

82. The Distress of the Privileged

83. Samuel McIntire Sites

84. Evolution of Opera

85. Why Grant Won and Lee Lost

86. The 13 Hottest Aristocrats Of The Restoration

87. The battle of Towton: Nasty, brutish and not that short

88. Thomas Jefferson Reviews Phillis Wheatley

89. The Famous Webbs

90. Beginner’s Health and Fitness Guide

91. Exploring Aspendos – images from a wealthy city of Pamphylia

92. Passport to the Pub: A guide to British pub etiquette

93. Stockholm, Stieg Larsson’s Millennium and the city at the centre of a literary phenomenon

94. Our Lincoln, Ourselves: Rethinking Slavery and Abolition

95. Kazuo Ishiguro and the Problem of “Japaneseness”

96. A Paleo-Forensic Study of an Assyrian Captive

97. How to play Hanafuda (Koi Koi)

98. Observations on Film Art: Tell, don’t show

99. History of Akihabara (also see History of Shibuya)

100. Splendid Afghanistan 1848: James Rattray’s Lithographs of the Costumes and the Scenery

101. Your Name in Japanese

ConnetiCon 2015

Conncticon 2015

Continue reading ‘ConnetiCon 2015’

ConnectiCon 2014


Here are my pictures from ConnectiCon 2014! Continue reading ‘ConnectiCon 2014’

ConnectiCon 2013


Here are the pics from ConnectiCon 2013. Didn’t seem to be as many good ones this year. More Doctor Who than ever. Adventure Time really dominated. But there was also some Attack on Titan…. Continue reading ‘ConnectiCon 2013’

Karuta Links

Inspired by Chihayafuru, I have compiled some links on Hakunin Isshu Karuta.

What Is It? How Do You Play?

First, Wikipedia’s page on Competitive Karuta:

Another introduction here:

Competitive Karuta Boom Inspired by Manga

Here’s a page on how to play:

Page from Chihayafuru Wiki:

Continue reading ‘Karuta Links’

ConnectiCon 2012

I went to ConnectiCon and took some cosplay pics. Continue reading ‘ConnectiCon 2012’

ConnectiCon 2011 Cosplay Pics

ConnectCon is over for this year. Not too much to say about it this year, except there seemed to be more people than ever! Last year I saw a 10th and an 11th Doctor, but this year, Doctors were all over the place! And TARDISes and Daleks! And Doctor Who panels! A sudden explosion of interest in Doctor Who. Also, there were fireworks. As for webcomics, I got signed books of Beartato and Cyanide & Happiness. So jump on ahead to see my pics. There’s a lot of them this year! To see my descriptions, hover over each image. What’s your fav/most hated pic? Continue reading ‘ConnectiCon 2011 Cosplay Pics’