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Anime Boston 2007

A Totoro Cosplayer

I went to Anime Boston on Saturday and thus passed a day dodging Narutards, Bleachtards and Hagarentards. Last year I got there much later than I’d wanted, so I had to stand in line for something like two hours. When I got there this year it wasn’t even 10 am yet, so I sailed through registration amazingly quickly (yes, this year I didn’t pre-reg. either!) So here’s what I did, what I bought, and my measly two cosplay pictures!

After registering, I went to the re-showing of the AMV contest and I was there for the whole thing! They seemed like a solid bunch of videos. There was one that used My Neighbor Totoro and got a good reaction from the audience. It used very clever editing/manipulation of the scenes from the original movie to create a very different impression! Looks like it won Best in Show. Three of the videos were amusing adaptations of movie trailers–I wonder if that’s a current trend? I once thought of doing an AMV, but I don’t have the equipment and anyway, these things get more and more sophisticated every year! It feels like you’d need professional level video editing skills.

After the AMVs, I had lunch at Legal Seafoods and came back at 1:00 to check out the Dealers Room. Its a lot easier to get in and navigate around since they moved to a big convention center a few years ago. I was a little disappointed, but not very surprised, that there wasn’t much stuff from recent shows. There weren’t many Haruhi related goods, but I did see a few. I was hoping that show at least would have an effect on what I’d find. There were a few odds and ends (I got two chibi Haruhi Gashapon), but it was mostly a flood of the usual Naruto, Bleach, and Fullmetal Alchemist stuff. I even saw a sign that said “Authentic Naruto Headbands.” Does that mean they were actually made in the Hidden Leaf Village? In any event, maybe I’m not as in to buying stuff at cons, because I spent less money than ever before. But it may just be the lack of stuff I wanted to buy; maybe only a trip to Akiba (or Singapore?) would satisfy me?

After that I checked out a little of the ADV panel, the Artist’s Alley, took another break, and saw most of the AnimeonDVD panel. Long before that started, the line was already forming for the Masquerade, but I hadn’t really planned on going to that this year. (Actually, I didn’t go last year either, and the year before I went on a Friday!) A good Thai meal and an earlier start home seemed preferable to sticking around a lot longer (and waiting in line!), particularly on less than three hours sleep! So That just leaves my remaining pictures! I took the one of the Totoro cosplayer early on, but as I was too lazy to take anymore, I eventually left my camera in the car. But as I was leaving I spotted a Eureka cosplayer I’d noticed earlier but hadn’t taken a picture of and decided that here was my chance, although I had to use the cellphone camera!

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Anime Cons I’ve Been To

As the convention season (for me, at least) approaches, I have to decide what I’ll be going to. This will certainly include ConnectiCon, later this year. I’ve also gone to Anime Boston every year so far, so I’d hate to miss that, even though I didn’t pre-register! That probably a long line awaits me there, just like last year. Every year I think about going to Otakon, but I haven’t made it to one yet! And this year, Otakon is so close in time to Connecticon that I probably won’t want (or have enough money) to go to both.

As I think about upcoming cons, I’m moved to reminisce about conventions past (I’ve been going to them since 1998!) So without further ado, I present my personal con history.

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