Some Pics from Connecticon 2008, Day One

Not much to say about Connecticon so far as I was only there a few hours on Friday. But I did buy an expensive Maka and Soul figure (maybe pics later) and I got a few pictures, so please enjoy them!

I was happy to find a Maka right at the registration line!

I think I saw this same Miku at Anime Next, but I’m not sure…

Um… No comment.

On the left is some kind of robot; on the right is someone trying to “gayass” me I think…

There’s nothing like a remote controlled R2D2 to gather a crowd. How does R2 deal with all the paparazzi? No doubt C3P0 would be jealous.

Plushies seemed to be popular in the Artists Alley.

And lastly, this one’s for blissmo, or maybe usagijen

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