Some Pics from the Second Day of Connecticon

After downloading Hinano’s game, I was too tired to play it, so I went to bed, woke up very early, played it, wrote about it, went back to bed and got to the convention at 2:30 PM xD This time, three friends were at the con. They are going to Japan for 12 days in October (sob sob, i want money to go too!), so we went to a panel about gaijin in Japan. It was entertaining: the two panelists talked about everything from Japanese cell phones to Kansai-ben. I also saw the first Battle Royale Movie, which I hadn’t seen before. The guy who was handling the DVD also showed off his knowledge of how the movie was different from the original book (“in the real story…”) By then, it was much later and when they had trouble finding the disc to show the second BR movie, I decided to go home and play pangya.

The con was in the same convention center as in recent years, but much more of the space was utilized this time. There was a big hall for video games and the artists, and another one with tables for playing board games and the Dealers Room. This continues to be the best location of any con in terms of the building and set-up, although Anime Boston does have the advantage of being connected to a mall and being not far from many restaurants. But unlike that con, I faced no lines getting in on Friday. ConnectiCon also covers a wider range than just anime and manga, so different types of gaming and webcomics are very prominent as well. The convention even had two actors from Star Trek: Voyager. I saw a few people go up to their tables near the dealers room, but I imagine at a Star Trek convention they must be mobbed by fans. I was also surprised to learn they were charging $20 per autograph! Is that common among Sci-Fi actors? Anyway, I have some more cosplay pics to share, so please check them out!!

Wow, it’s Yoko from GL. Not quite as free with the fanservice IRL though…

There was even a Death the Kid!! But where are his guns??

Here’s one you don’t see every day! From Kujibiki Unbalance.

This guy was cosplaying old school style!

And lastly, the ConnectiCon mascott Bunny Girl! Usagijen and Blissmo might like this con, although they are probably more interested in bunnies than bunny girls…

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  • Good times, good times. B.R. was interesting–somebody could totally write a master’s thesis on social commentary in the movie–and not as gory/sadistic as I feared it might be. They never did find the second DVD, so I wandered for a little bit then went home.

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