Finally!! The Epic Post on NYAF You’ve all been Waiting For!!! Plus, Lots of Anime Bloggers!

NYAF was so awsum!! Oooops, don’t want to sound too much like a Middle School kid! But it was a way fun time, yay! (oops, I mean It was a pleasant convention experience). And I was on an anime blogging panel (which is somewhat amusing given my recent lack of regular posting, but whatever). I think the panel went well and it was recorded, so I’m just waiting to see how it came out! My bad cell phone pictures have already appeared on Twitter, but on the second day I took pictures with my regular camera, so please read on to check them out and read about my experiences in New York!

There’s always someone trying to “gayass” people at cons these days!

On Day One (Friday), I arrived at the Javits Center after 1:00, quickly got my badge and joined Hinano, JP, Moy and Omo. We went off to GoGo Curry for lunch (danGO danGo). Then back to the con to look around the dealers room. And that was basically it–a rather slow first day, but I got to meet two other bloggers and look around the dealers room when it was less crowded. Afterwards I walked around the city a bit, stopped in at Kinokuniya, and had a late dinner at an Italian restaurant . I have to admit that I am a little disappointed in Kinokuniya since their move from near Rockefeller Center to the new Sixth avenue location. It’s obviously a much larger space, but while the manga area has become more of a focus, I think they have neglected the English-language section. For instance, they certainly don’t have the wide range of Japanese literature in English (including many hard to find books) that the old store had. Also, their extensive collection of Go strategy books (danGO) has not survived the move either.

Haruhi Dancing.

Day Two (Saturday) was the main event. I looked around the now packed dealers room and took some pictures. Then it was time for the blogging panel….

Getting ready for the panel: the equipment!

There was a decent turn out for the panel. There were some other bloggers there. NyaChan was there as Hatsune Miku. Omo and Moy were in the front row, watching something on a laptop before the panel started. Mike from AnimeDiet showed up with his friend and set up a camera. Another guy introduced himself as SDShamshel of Ogiue Maniax. I also saw a guy taking pictures during the panel and I assumed it was Scott from animealmanac, but he left before it was over and Hinano never noticed him. ^^;

Upper Left: Moy and Omo; Upper Right: Miku and Maka; Lower Left and Right:
JP really loved that Yakitate Japan Manga!

I could tell you how the panel went, but everyone will get to find out when the video is ready! After the panel, Hinano went through the dealers again with JP, me, Omo, Moy and Jamie trailing in her wake. I bought two more Pangya keychains and the small Maka and Soul figures Hinano wouldn’t buy (they were expensive!). I also saw some of the Spoiler Panel (I won’t spoil the blogging panel for all of you, though :P). Dinner was at a Korean BBQ place with Hinano, JP and Mike. On the way there, I got to talk to Mike, who recently finished classes at a seminary, about Henry Ward Beecher and Jonathan Edwards. I decided not to return to the con (it was a long walk!).

Mike setting up the camera.
I think that’s Hinano’s biggest fan just behind his shoulder on the right!

Another reason I didn’t go back was because I wanted to go to an exhibition of Chinese paintings at the Metropolitan Museum. On Sunday I didn’t return to the con either, but went to see another exhibition of Chinese painting and calligraphy at the China Institute.
Below are more cosplay pics from the con, including several from the Soul Eater photoshoot:

JP: Yawn

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  • Ah, there I am. But I’m so ugly compared to my cameraman Young. :)

    And–right back atcha!

  • 3 death the kids. I want one.

    You sound like you really had lots of fun lols

  • The pic where we look at Mike is LOL.

    And we were watching Macross Frontier 25. Or I was anyways.

  • This confirms what I had suspected all along about the Code Geass troupe; They are all chicks! Nunnally should open her eyes for accuracy. I expected jp to be cosplaying as Soul instead of the professor; I thought Hinano hated that pairing? Hinano clearly saying hi to me with the (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ wwwwwwwwww

  • Once again, poor JP MEYER.

  • “The pic where we look at Mike is LOL.”

    I like the looks as well, like “WTF is he doing?!?”

    “I think that’s Hinano’s biggest fan just behind his shoulder on the right!”

    You may be wrong, but for all I know, you maybe be right~ If that was him, he sported some facial hair that he didn’t have at Otakon from my recollections of meeting him. :P

  • Shin> I was gonna have JP be soul but making Dr. Stein’s costume was a lot easier (and cheaper) and since JP already has the glasses I figured he’d look better as Stein anyway (which he did.) And yes that Kira is just for you xP

  • Yep, that was him (aka Scott) as you’ve all pointed out. Must have saw the guy most of the day on Friday at whatever panels I was at.

    LOL at getting a few photos of us, didn’t even notice. And I think the one where Omo and I were looking at Mike (or in his direction) was you guys were about to start the panel… I think. That or Mike is just one sexy guy? O_o

  • OMG is Hinano throwing up the \m/? Please, no gang symbols!

  • wow turns out \m/ is an emoticon on google talk lol

  • Wow, I’m actually in some of these pics, watching Macross Frontier behind Moy and looking at Mike set up.

    LOL at your responses to the dango questions at the panel.

  • Thanks to Shinigami-sama, foam hands are now an integral part of cosplay, which is neat. But in all my years of nerdery I’ve never been to one of these, and until there are no longer Haruhi dances I don’t think I can. So, thanks for the vicarious experience without all the “con stank.” Can’t wait for Mike’s video.

  • All your photos are full of nerds. Well looks like you had plenty of fun over at NYAF, nyah~

    An anime blogging panel sounds like the perfect opportunity for some shameless self-promotion, yes?

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