My Day at Anime Boston 2009 (Kalafina)

I left home at 8AM, picked up my friend Matt, and by 10 was in line to register at the convention. The subway ride was entertaining, because we got to hear a bunch of loud-mouthed otaku know-it-alls discourse with each other about English dubs vs original Japanese and other such subjects ^_^ The line took two hours. I had worried about how bad the lines might be, given the horror of last year, and yes, I’d thought of leaving a lot earlier (but it was just way too early for me!). However, while longer than I’d hoped for, two hours was still a lot better than the huge line of 2008. Looks like they gave up on whatever computerized system they used last year, so it was a big improvement!

So, after the line, it was time to eat and we met up with Omo and two of his friends. I noticed that the central open area of the mall, which is next to the convention center, was open this year and cosplayers were gathering there in large numbers. I went back later in the day, but there were not so many interesting ones and it was chilly, so all my pics were taken inside!

After lunch, it was time to line up for the Kalafina concert. This was really the main event of the con for everyone I was with there. I haven’t watched Kara no Kyoukai yet, but the night before I listened to the songs on YouTube. The line was long, but there was room for everyone. From my seat, a platform with a cameraman on it blocked my view of one of the three Kalafina girls, except when she moved around (lol). Also, large screens sometimes showed what they were doing, which was mostly swishing their goth-style skirts around.

Before Kalafina came out, there was an opening group called the Video Game Orchestra. The music was good and the group, which included a chamber sized orchestral ensemble and a rock band, had a lot of energy. But since I don’t play many video games (except Pangya), most of it went over my head.

The concert seemed to be over and everyone was heading to the doors. I think a lot of people had left when the girls came rushing out again for their encore! One of them shouted out “Wait!” which was very amusing. For the encore, they brought out Yuki Kajiura, who spoke about how the girl’s voices complimented each other. She accompanied them on the keyboard for two last numbers.

Omo and his friends missed the the encore, because they rushed off to get in line for Kalafina autographs! Unlike the others, I didn’t have Kalafina merchandise to get signed, so I went off to look in the Dealers Room. Matt stayed and went through the line twice, because Omo, who went off to the Funimation panel, had left him a CD to get signed by Kajiura. It was an old Aquarian Age CD and I hear that when Kajiura saw it, she commented that its owner must be really hardcore! LOOOL


The Dealers Room was huge, but there were not that many people in there anyway (maybe they were all lining up for the Masquerade?). I bought a lot less than at previous cons, getting one Gurren Lagann book and trading figure. That was it! After that it was time for dinner! The nearby Japanese noodle place was too crowded, so I brought everyone to a Thai Restaurant across from the convention center. It was fun to watch Omo and his friend try to reconstruct the order of songs from the concert–these guys are very hardcore Kalafina fans!! After dinner it was time to head home!

The convention this year avoided the huge lines of last year (the line was confined to ONLY one room). People were well-behaved. I did not see a lot of wild tweens running around and glomping each other. I did not go to any panels or check out the Artist Alley, but everywhere I did go, the maturity level seemed high. But I am getting a little tired of the whole convention thing, so who knows if I’ll go next year or not. Anyway, thank you Kalafina!!

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  • Sounds like fun. I still haven’t gotten to go to any concerts, sadly, but I’m hoping AN gets a good guest next year. It must have been nice getting to see Kalafina~

  • Wow, that’s gotta be one of the best Soul Eater cosplay jobs I’ve ever seen. Props to them for the quality costumes and attention to detail.

  • 1. we totally failed reconstructing the order of the songs. But a definitive list is now available and up on my blog :3

    2. and big thanks to matt for the help.

    3. lol.

  • I find it very odd to look at your pictures of cosplayers and realize I saw a lot of those same people yesterday…

    Anyway, I, too, was pretty happy about the general maturity level of the crowd, although it kind of bottomed out when I darkened the doorway of the Lolita fashion panel. Whoops – I guess that sort of makes sense since everyone in there is trying to look like they’re twelve.

  • 2. and big thanks to matt for the help.

    No problem. Yuki Kajiura’s reaction to seeing your Aquarian Age CD was gratifying: sort of a mix of shock and amusement.

  • I agree with Orion, thats a pretty legit Make x Death the Kid! Cool groovy poses too =3. Also, that Miku is HAWT!!! Please tell me you got her digits!

    I’m glad to hear the maturity level is now at a tolerable level, but at the same time, I was hoping for a post about the exact opposite (for the lulz of course :3)

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