Saturday at NYAF 2009


Now I’ll write about my day at NYAF!!! People will think this is really lame, but I didn’t even get there until 4pm. I slept fairly late, which was good, because I needed my energy. On the way, I stopped to take some pictures and got a picture of a lighthouse in Bridgeport, CT I’ve wanted to get for a while. I also stopped at Asahiya and Kinokuniya, the former for probably the last time as it’ll be closing in October. Finally at the festival, I wandered the dealers (or should I say exhibitors) area, which was packed with people, making it difficult to see everything quickly. I bought three things: a K-On CD, a Clannad art book (not enough dangos in it though), and this new Otaku Encyclopedia book (maybe I should do an Anime Blogger Encyclopedia?). Next I went to the panel room where Hinano and JP were going to do their panel on Korean MMOs. Pretty much it was just hanging around before the panel started and I had a chance to see Omo, Moy, wah, AnimeMiz and Star Creator. We were also in the room at the very start of the blogger roundtable, but left for Yakiniku West (and some good sake xD ) before the panel really started. I saw that Hinano’s fav Scott was part of the roundtable (lol) and I saw sdshamshel was on it as well. So its a minimal report from me (read those other bloggers to find out what actually happened at the festival in terms of guests and so on). But I did manage to get some cosplay pics, so please enjoy them!







I’ve written before about costumes having the right skirt length for the character. I was happy to see the Eureka (above), but not only is the skirt WAY too long, the legs are not bare as should be the case with this character!









There are anime bloggers in the pic above!


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  • Nice photos! But really, you’re complaining about skirt length and tights? If it were warmer out, maybe she wouldn’t have worn tights, but as for skirt length, you do realize that, like Barbie, some of the skirt lengths in anime cannot be worn by human beings in public, right? I mean, it’s a bunch of horny guys drawing the manga.

    Quick question: in the last photo, is Gundam sacrificing Pokeman, or saving him (please let it be sacrifice, please, please, please)?

  • Saw the finished chalk art, mobbed by the crowd though. >_<

  • Wait you were at the blogger roundtable and didn’t even notice my totally awesome handwritten blog-name placard because I told Narutaki that I was going to be on the panel last-minute (i.e. night before?)? You must have left REALLY early then.

    Also the Gundam Pikachu was the best thing in the dealer’s area. I still don’t know what it was supposed to mean though. Possibly nothing.

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