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ConnetiCon 2015

Conncticon 2015

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ConnectiCon 2014


Here are my pictures from ConnectiCon 2014! Continue reading ‘ConnectiCon 2014’

ConnectiCon 2013


Here are the pics from ConnectiCon 2013. Didn’t seem to be as many good ones this year. More Doctor Who than ever. Adventure Time really dominated. But there was also some Attack on Titan…. Continue reading ‘ConnectiCon 2013’

ConnectiCon 2012

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ConnectiCon 2011 Cosplay Pics

ConnectCon is over for this year. Not too much to say about it this year, except there seemed to be more people than ever! Last year I saw a 10th and an 11th Doctor, but this year, Doctors were all over the place! And TARDISes and Daleks! And Doctor Who panels! A sudden explosion of interest in Doctor Who. Also, there were fireworks. As for webcomics, I got signed books of Beartato and Cyanide & Happiness. So jump on ahead to see my pics. There’s a lot of them this year! To see my descriptions, hover over each image. What’s your fav/most hated pic? Continue reading ‘ConnectiCon 2011 Cosplay Pics’


Yesterday, I happened upon a steampunk gathering in Hartford. I took some pics, of course. Steampunk cosplayers like to pose just like anime cosplayers! See more below: Continue reading ‘Steampunk’

Connecticon 2010 Cosplay Pics

First, a little about the con, then more cosplay pics below. At ConnectiCon this year, I attended an interesting panel on Kawaii Anime and Culture in Japan, which featured Minoru Ohno. He produced anime, such as Creamy Mami and Minky Momo, and is now a professor in the Department of “Culture and Communication Activities” at Shokei Gakuin University. In the panel, we learned how kawaii refers to things which are tiny, little, cute, pretty, lovely, sweet and adorable. Much of the info presented in the power point was derived from surveys of students at Shokei Gakuin with their take on the meaning of kawaii. A few academic works by Japanese scholars were also referenced, but overall the presentation was not that in-depth. As expected, a lot of the examples focused on anime Mr. Ohno had been involved with and also some random pics of modern kawaii fashion. I’m not sure if they have done any deeper research and were only presenting a simplified version of their subject, or if this represents the extent of their work. He was asked about moe, but Mr. Ohno’s career in the anime industry occurred before moe developed. He did offer the explanation that kawaii refers to outward appearances, while moe involves more the feelings being evoked. But on the whole, he was clearly very old-school and probably does not approve of late-night anime for older kids and adults. He voiced strong support for family-centered anime produced primarily for children.

Hetalia Madness

ConnectiCon is a multi-genre convention, with a big emphasis on web comics, gaming, etc.. Another panel I attended was about the pioneering horror/sci-fi author H.P. Lovecraft. It was a solid introductory power point presentation and featured, among the four panelists, an author who writes stores in the Cthulhu Mythos. Much of the rest of the con was spent walking around. Among the cosplayers, there were a number of girls carrying the flags of different nations. Later, I stumbled on a whole group of these squealing Hetalia Axis Powers fangirls having a photoshoot. They kept calling for different countries so they could get pics of different favored pairings. I was also sad to see that Sasuga Books is closing (this was the bookstore’s last con and they had little stock left). I heard another dealer talking about the bad market for anime retailers. I guess there will be fewer anime merchandise dealers at cons in the future. I did buy some stuff: some Aria DVDs, and plush Yoshi and Toads from Mario. Also one figure: Mio from K-ON. Now for more pics: Continue reading ‘Connecticon 2010 Cosplay Pics’