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Anime Next 2008 Loot

OK, here’s my obligatory loot pics. First, I got a Higurashi Kai book and two issues of Megami, one at the con, the other at the Sanseido next to Mitsuwa. In general, besides the titillating Konata and Kagami images that have been well-noted elsewhere, there were not that many posters in them I liked, except for the Soul Eater one above. But I did get some exciting figures and plushies, so please read on…

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I went to the New York Comic Con

I arrived in New York around 10:00 AM and went over to the Javits Center for the New York Comic Con. My ticket had not arrived in the mail in time, but with my barcode ready, I got a ticket very quickly. There was a big line to get in, but unlike the lines at Anime Boston, this one actually moved forward at regular intervals and soon got everyone inside! Compared to AB, it was like a dizzying high speed roller coaster, wow! People in line were also happy when Stan Lee walked around the perimeter, to loud cheering and applause. There was a more generalized fanboy constituency at this con, so not all the Narutards and yaoi-girls. There were actually lots of older fans around (and people with babies!?!)

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Pictures from the “Great Robot Exhibition” in Tokyo!

Great Robot Exhibition

My friend Greguto has been in Japan for a while now and I keep saying to him, please take pictures of cool Akiba and other stuff for me to put on my blog! Well he went to a Naruto Ninja-Fest and then was really in to Maids for a while, but that was about it. Now he’s only going to be there a few more months and he’s finally delivering some non-maid stuff! Check out the photos from the Great Robot Exhibition at Tokyo’s National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno!

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