Mitsuwa Matsuri

I went to the Mitsuwa Matsuri in New Jersey yesterday with Hinano, JP, one of Hinano’s friends and Greguto (my friend who was in Japan for 3 years!). It was interesting to see the traditional food stands and games (like goldfish scooping) in real life, although I think Greguto, who’s been to festivals in Japan, was not very impressed. Over there the festivals, of course, are not in parking lots and go on for several blocks with many choices of places to stop, so that you have a choice of which stand to visit to get, for in stance your okanomiyaki. Anyway, I did get to see Hinano in a yukata!

I got pictures of Hinano’s bow, both with and without fan! Good work tying it JP!!!

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Some Pics from the Second Day of Connecticon

After downloading Hinano’s game, I was too tired to play it, so I went to bed, woke up very early, played it, wrote about it, went back to bed and got to the convention at 2:30 PM xD This time, three friends were at the con. They are going to Japan for 12 days in October (sob sob, i want money to go too!), so we went to a panel about gaijin in Japan. It was entertaining: the two panelists talked about everything from Japanese cell phones to Kansai-ben. I also saw the first Battle Royale Movie, which I hadn’t seen before. The guy who was handling the DVD also showed off his knowledge of how the movie was different from the original book (“in the real story…”) By then, it was much later and when they had trouble finding the disc to show the second BR movie, I decided to go home and play pangya.

The con was in the same convention center as in recent years, but much more of the space was utilized this time. There was a big hall for video games and the artists, and another one with tables for playing board games and the Dealers Room. This continues to be the best location of any con in terms of the building and set-up, although Anime Boston does have the advantage of being connected to a mall and being not far from many restaurants. But unlike that con, I faced no lines getting in on Friday. ConnectiCon also covers a wider range than just anime and manga, so different types of gaming and webcomics are very prominent as well. The convention even had two actors from Star Trek: Voyager. I saw a few people go up to their tables near the dealers room, but I imagine at a Star Trek convention they must be mobbed by fans. I was also surprised to learn they were charging $20 per autograph! Is that common among Sci-Fi actors? Anyway, I have some more cosplay pics to share, so please check them out!!

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Some Pics from Connecticon 2008, Day One

Not much to say about Connecticon so far as I was only there a few hours on Friday. But I did buy an expensive Maka and Soul figure (maybe pics later) and I got a few pictures, so please enjoy them!

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Anime Next 2008 Loot

OK, here’s my obligatory loot pics. First, I got a Higurashi Kai book and two issues of Megami, one at the con, the other at the Sanseido next to Mitsuwa. In general, besides the titillating Konata and Kagami images that have been well-noted elsewhere, there were not that many posters in them I liked, except for the Soul Eater one above. But I did get some exciting figures and plushies, so please read on…

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Anime Next 2008 – Day Two

Sigh. As you may have read elsewhere, today was, like yesterday, not much to rave about. I bought just a few more things, took a few more cosplay photos, and sat around a bit more with JP and Hinano (who were tired and bored as well). I was actually at the infamous fansub panel for an hour (half its full length, which is longer than JP&H made it). The NYAF panel was good, because I will be part of a blogging panel at that con and the guy kept mentioning Doctor Who (LOL). He also mentioned Battlecrap Galactica, but no one’s perfect. And btw, in answer to his question, I would think John Barrowman might be, um.., dreamier than David Tenant, if only because he can sing Broadway tunes as well (although I think Tenant might do that too). Anyway, I tried to get JP&H to vocally tout the blogging panel, but they did not. I didn’t either, so I am a wuss as well. But on a blog I am as bold as a Tripeman, so COME TO THE AMAZING NYAF BLOGGING PANEL WITH DS and his two assistants!!!!

I was also happy to see my friend Ray today, who goes to many cons, although he has a wife arriving from China in a few days and may have to change his lifestyle. Oh well, I did at least get a shot of him holding a cosplayer’s dollfie. And that was pretty much it. I left early to go get Japanese snacks at Mitsuwa. But do look at my pictures of cosplayers below….

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Anime Next 2008 – Day One

I got up very early to head to New Jersey for Anime Next, so if I’m not coherent, its because I’m very tired. I arrived at the Meadowlands Exposition Center to discover a moderately long line for Pre-Reg and a shorter line for Non-Pre-Reg (I got in the second line). The wait was not bad at all and I was amused by a guy behind me who was really talkative (in a loud voice) who kept asking everyone he met, whether they were in costume or not, who they were supposed to be. I don’t think he’d seen much anime, because he couldn’t correctly identify any costumes (LOL) and kept pointing and asking, “Are you a Pokemon trainer?” (RFLMAO). So how did the day go? Please read on for some more info and pics…

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Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn: I saw Cherry Blossoms, I saw Art, I saw… Narutards?!? OMG!!!

Yesterday (Edit: Actually Saturday!), I went to the Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. It was chilly, but I was happy the rain held off. I got there fairly early (at least, before Hinano and JP arrived), so I had the chance to explore the area. I saw the stuff they were selling, including the sushi pillows, and walked around the big tent where the music was going to be played. I saw groups of Narutards as well. Continue reading ‘Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn: I saw Cherry Blossoms, I saw Art, I saw… Narutards?!? OMG!!!’