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Some Pics from Connecticon 2008, Day One

Not much to say about Connecticon so far as I was only there a few hours on Friday. But I did buy an expensive Maka and Soul figure (maybe pics later) and I got a few pictures, so please enjoy them!

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ConnectiCon, Days 2 & 3 (and cosplay photos!)

Big conventions, like Anime Expo and Otakon, may have certain advantages going for them, in terms of high-profile guests, industry panels, huge numbers of cosplayers, and so on; but smaller cons are often quite simply more enjoyable. People who attended Mikkakan, back in the day might concur. And, like that earlier con, the joy this past weekend at ConnectiCon was not due only to the relatively uncrowded conditions or to the very modern (and air conditioned!) convention center, but was also palpable in the camaraderie and festive atmosphere of the con goers. Even a reporter from the Hartford Courant emphasized this, in a sympathetic article.

Convention Center Exterior
Inside the Convention Center
The outside (above) and impressive interior (below) of the Connecticut Convention Center.

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ConnectiCon, Day 1

For those who don’t know about ConnectiCon, its a convention that’s happens each summer in Hartford, CT. It’s billed as a multi-genre convention (sci-fi and fantasy), but the main focus is on anime, gaming and web comics. I’ll have a bunch of cosplay pictures later, but right now I’ll just mention some of the things I did yesterday.

Typical line to get in (I’m glad I preregistered at Anime Next,
because the pre-reg line was much shorter!)

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