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Tokyo Internationbal Anime Fair (pics!)

Tokyo International Anime Fair 01

My friend Greguto, who I’ve mentioned before, is still in Japan and went to the Tokyo International Anime Fair. He reports that the line was only an hour and a half (so much less than the typical wait for Anime Boston, lol). Here are some more pics from the event:

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Inside a Japanese Junior High: A Singing Contest and Cute Schoolgirl Antics

Many foreigners may wonder what it’s really like in Japanese schools. Well, I have a friend “Greguto,” who’s been an AET (Assistant English Teacher) in Japan for a while now, working both in elementary and middle schools. The following is from one of his emails (used with permission, of course, and with the names censored or changed to protect the innocent, lol). The first part is about a singing contest at a Junior High, but those of you who are most interested in the schoolgirl part, just skip to the last two paragraphs (they come after the other image below — I thought of using another pic I saw at Alafista, but Greguto might not have appreciated that!) I should also point out that all opinions expressed below are Greguto’s and are not necessarily endorsed by DS or Daijoubu!

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Pictures from the “Great Robot Exhibition” in Tokyo!

Great Robot Exhibition

My friend Greguto has been in Japan for a while now and I keep saying to him, please take pictures of cool Akiba and other stuff for me to put on my blog! Well he went to a Naruto Ninja-Fest and then was really in to Maids for a while, but that was about it. Now he’s only going to be there a few more months and he’s finally delivering some non-maid stuff! Check out the photos from the Great Robot Exhibition at Tokyo’s National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno!

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