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NYAF Day 2: Some panels, some cosplay, за варудо, and What, It’s over? Time to go home!

The Javits Center

So I went back to the con Saturday and it was like this: “Wow, I don’t have to leave before 6 like I did yesterday to meet my cousin after his work (’cause I’m staying at his place in Brooklyn). Oh wait, now it’s almost 7 and its over already anyway (!?!?), except for some concert I don’t want to go to?” Oh well, there were some good panels and I got some cosplay pics too! And I’ll shamelessly plug them now: <shameless plug> If you enjoyed the pics of Hinano and JP‘s School Days cosplay, well the ones I took with my own camera (not hers) are better :P It’s a much better angle on JPs lolling tongue and I’ve never seen Hinano as happy as when she’s holding a bloody knife! So go check out my pictures NOW and see if you can also spot the THREE Lucky Star pics and a cute Yotsuba&!</shameless plug>

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New York Anime Festival 2007 Day 1 (Friday)

There was a picture of a NICE BOAT–part of a vacation giveaway.
I don’t think people knew why I was taking a picture of it!

So today I made my way to New York for the first day of the Anime Festival. Right now I’m tired, so these will just be some initial observations. Also, better pictures will hopefully come later, but these are just bad cell phone ones for now. I arrived at the Javits Center around 11 am and got my badge very easily. In general there were not huge amounts of people today, and not that much cosplay yet. This was especially true when I got my badge, because the convention was only open at that point to professional people and not yet to the general public. So after getting my badge I actually took off for a while to eat and check out the new Kinokuniya, which I hadn’t been to yet.

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